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Lost Relics is the group of series by author Brian Dockins which tell the story of the Ogden Family from Andaloria. Currently, there is only one series published, but Brian Dockins has promised many more in the future.

DOMA: Department of Magic

The Department of Magic (Series) tell the story of the Ogden Family on Earth. At some point in the past, the Ogdens crossed over from Andaloria, and the DOMA series tells of their struggles to reconcile their magical powers with that of the mundane Earth.

  1. Betrayal of Magic
  2. Shrouded Island
  3. Rise of the Witch
  4. Magic of Heroes
  5. Hounds of the Himalayas
  6. Second Exodus
  7. Hidden Relics (Forthcoming December 2012)

DOMA: Origins

Origins is a companion series of short stories that tie into the main series.

  • Winged Demon: Natalie & Darius
  • Circus Freak: Bryce
  • Brujeria: Rafe
  • Deviant Behavior: Jude & Madison
  • Secrets In Stone: Gabe

Later projects that Brian Dockins has hinted at include stories about the Ogden Family on Andaloria, before they came to Earth. He plans to start a new series in late 2013 about Adam Ogden, a great figure from the family's past.


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